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Spherical Magic is the fusion of the vision, talent and ability of two accomplished Artist-Engineers into one force of creativity. The combining of resources and assets has proven fruitful in the completion of many large joint projects. A major mural and a major glass sculpture and two huge mobiles were among the first to be realized. With many more to come, the formation of a unified location to foster these efforts was nigh.

A new studio was purchased on ten acres at 2,000' elevation on a ridge top overlooking Carmel Valley, California, the mountains of the Ventana Wilderness and the Pacific Ocean, that allows for the many disciplines and the equipment required to support our effort, with ample land for expansion.

It currently houses:

We're out of space in the studio already, so a medium-sized rustic workshop is planned for the east side of the property. To that end, we are offering an Angel Program of free artwork at many various levels of support, so that we can build our shop to continue our work—with weather no longer being a factor in our schedule. Check it out. It's really a great deal.

SphericalMagic.com is a unified hub for our creative services:

Here is our Client and Collectors List covering all of the products that we have created over the years for many, many wonderful folks. It is a genuine honor for us to have worked with them to bring many glorious creations into reality.

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Thank you for your interest in what we do.

B.E.Johnson Joy Alyssa Day

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